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James Armstrong Returns!

» steamer 07/19/15 09:56 AM » comments: 0

James Armstrong Returns!

Some 10 years following his shows at the old Buckhorn Bar in Mandan, James Armstrong returned to the Bismarck Ramada Hotel on August 6th  with a bang! James had the crowd in his hands the entire night.  The 75 folks in attendance certainly saw one of the best shows in quite awhile......backed by an all-star band including Darryl Wright on bass. Darryl has performed with many major acts, most notably being Mavis Staples. Each band member had an extended solo in each of the two sets and the talent was no doubt "world class"!  James covered many songs from his current cd Guitar Angels, as well as many from Blues At The Border as well as some older stuff, that he played in the Buckhorn days.

The folks in the crowd were the most lively I have witnessed in recent years.......great applause, several standing ovations, lot's of shout-outs of encouragement to the band, it was an awesome night. And one will never forget James at the end of the show getting a large conga line of at least 20, to follow him around the room, across the stage on down the hallway towards the hotel lounge, before returning to the room to finish the show.  Making up the crowd were fans of James from near and far, one fellow from Wisconsin working in the oil patch drove over, as well as a Blues loving couple from Washington DC that were in town on vacation helped make this a special night.

Keep on the lookout for an upcoming fall show and possibly even the return of the Winter Blues Party.

Feel free to contact Steamer Promotions if your interested in him helping you book bands such as James Armstrong. Give Steve a call at 701-391-0799 for more info.



Catching up!!

» Dakota Nights 06/28/15 09:19 AM » comments: 0

Catching up!!

My, my, my!  Just like that the time has flown!!  Been a busy year for us at Dakota Nights...some new equipment...some new venues....& of course,.....some new songs!! Some of the new Classic Country added are  "Home of the Blues" by Johnny Cash..."Stranger", by Johnny Duncan & Janie Fricke, cause we love to duet!!  Also added is  "Country sunshine", by Dottie West, "6 White horses" by Tommy Cash, plus some other great Classics!  One of the fun songs we added to our 50's is "I Can Help" by Billy Swan....I know, it was made popular in the 70's, but it is such fun, & fits perfectly in with our 50's & 60's music!!  We have also been busy with a few gigs, as well as gardening & horse training on my part....& farming for Dennis's part.  We do, however, make the time for our practices...they are very important to us!!  Check out our calendar to see where are playing, or where we have been  & have a listen to our music on our page...it was recorded a few years ago, but  it gives you an idea of our music, although, our sound recordings have improved with knowledge, & experience!!!  :)  Drop me an email if you have any questions about "Dakota Nights".  I would love to visit with you, reader!!  kswvymoo@ndsupernet.com


» correy 04/17/15 12:01 PM » comments: 0

Bisman Music

Bisman Music is now set to take care of all your audio needs. Whether you need production for your live event or demo's recorded for that next record - WE DO IT ALL!!

With a powerfull JBL sound system fronted by an Allen & Heath QU24 digital mixer along with a vast microphone locker filled with ElectroVoice, Heil, Shure, Audix and AudioTechnica we have the right tools for any job. 

With the Allen & Heath QU24 we are able to capture live multitrack recordings of your show right to a hard drive you provide or record direct multitrack to Apple Mac Mini into Presonus Studiolive DAW.


Contact Corry Pierce (701-220-5466) or Greg Moen (701-319-0801) for availabliity and pricing today.

A Night Of Blues

» steamer 02/21/15 02:45 PM » comments: 0

A Night Of Blues

What a great night of Blues on Saturday, May 23rd as the Skyla Burrell Band lived up to all of the pre-show billing and then some! 90 Blues lovers from as far as Williston and Parshall enjoyed one of the best-ever Steamer Promotions events! Skyla and her band performed two 70 minute sets.......with several standing ovations during the final set. One was after a blistering slide guitar solo from 2nd guitarist Mark Tomlinson in which he preceded to keep sliding as the strings were busting from his guitar......so he switches to another guitar the next song and does the same thing again! Finally toning things down abit when he was forced to use Skyla's backup guitar to finish the set!  Now Mark Tomlinson as some of you knew, was a drummer with a band called the Kingsnakes in the early 70's and went on to become John Lee Hookers drummer for a time.  All of the band members did a solo during each set......focusing on each ones tremendous musical talents.

Every effort will be made to get Skyla and her band back out here.......she performed to rave reviews the entire tour as well as in Bismarck. 

Thank You to all that supported the show.....special shout out to Randy Hopfauf for coming through in a pinch, when we discovered that Skyla's lighting was not capable of handling this show. Randy dropped some plans and hooked us up with some great LED Lighting


Find out more about the  Skyla Burrell Band on her website at: www.skylaburrell.com


For more information call Steve at 701-391-0799


I Survived the 70's in Bismarck Rockin' Bash!

» Dean Weisser 02/27/14 05:09 AM  » Events » comments: 0

I Survived the 70's in Bismarck Rockin' Bash!

Hey all!

I wanted to let you know that we are having a party. Not just any party! "I Survived the 70's in Bismarck ND Rockin' Bash!" This is a party put together by Bismarck Facebook Groups. We are going to have some great musicians that have played in Bismarck - Mandan over the years, including Rick Berge, Barb Roberts, Richard Torrance, Aaron Butcher, Jeff Knudsen, Dean Weisser, The Randy James Band and many more! There will be food, old photos, discounted bowling and lots of music!

The event is on Saturday, May 17th from 6pm to 12am. Advance tickets are being sold by sending in a check or money order to the address below or at Nightlife Music in Bismarck.

Tickets available for $15.00 per ticket or $25.00 for a couple. Please send check or money order to: Brown Derby Productions PO Box 27003, Golden Valley, MN 55427-0003. Hope you can attend!!


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