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Bismarck Battle of the Bands

by correy, posted 04/06/10 05:42 PM

Bismarck/Mandan bands. Borrowed Buck's Roadhouse is having a battle of the bands series starting on April 13th and running through the end of May. Stringbean Music will be providing production for this series. Cash prizes as well as a GAME ROOM booking. Contact Bill at Bucks for more info or to get signed up. Contest w...ill be on the Main Stage. Not many bands get to play the main stage year. Here is your chance.

by correy, posted 04/09/09 01:25 PM

There is a new radio station in town but you wont find it on your AM or FM dail, it is Even though they are internet based they are bringing "LOCAL" back into radio like it used to be before big corporate radio took everything over. One of the cool things they are looking to do is play music from BisMan area bands. If you have music to submit stop by the station located in Kirkwood Mall. Visit their site for broadcast schedule and to listen or listen to the embeded widget player right here on

Venue Rant

by bismanlive, posted 02/28/09 01:42 AM

Worked with a band tonight (not gonna mention the band name as this is purely MY opinion)at the Westside in Mandan. This bars management and owners need to pull their heads out of their asses and either choose to have live music or don't. Not book a band that is known to be LOUD, have them drag their stuff in and then procede to tell them volume is an issue even before a single note has been played. THEN when the volume levels are adherd to (as best as possible with a large crowd - it does need to be a bit louder when the place is packed to be heard over the crowd) still let the neighbors dictate what goes on in YOUR bar.  The same neighbor has complained the whole existence of the building. If that area is now legally zoned for you to have bands and make a little noise don't let the ass at 407 1st St SE dictate levels. If it isn't zoned for it DON'T have bands in and expect them to not make noise.

My musical memories.

by correy, posted 12/07/08 05:20 AM

Twenty eight years ago tomorrow, (December 8th) the world lost an AMAZING person, John Lennon. Some of my very first musical memories are of Lennon and his three friends in this little band they were in, THE BEATLES.  Starting when I was dorky, fat little kid I would sit in my room with my headphones on listening to the Beatles on my mom's old 8-track tapes for hours on end.  If I remember correctly it was "A Hard Day's Night" and "Abbey Road" All of those Lennon/McCartney penned songs are definitly a foundation of my love of music. Thank you Mr. Lennon!!!!!! Here is a tribute to John performed by Sir Paul.

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