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Live Mixing!!!!!

POSTED BY: bismanlive POSTED ON: 08/21/09 05:57 PM

Have your band together, collected some P.A. gear, got all you songs down but now need someone to help pull it all together at the live performances? I am currently looking to possibly pickup some extra work or a possible full time mixing job. Approximately 6 years live experience, the past 3 working with 2 of the area's most popular bands. Besides gear knowledge and mixing experience I bring along a 16 channel digital mixer with complete processing and an audio snake.  If your light show isn't up to PAR I could also help get that heading in the right direction as I also have experience with all forms of lighting - from basic to intelligents.

Contact today for availability - 220 - 5466

About Us

POSTED BY: correy POSTED ON: 11/10/08 05:44 AM

Bisman Music is yet another adventure here at BISMANLIVE.COM in which we provide recording services. Whether it be a simple field recording with one of today's hottest portable recorders (Zoom H4N) or multitriack recording utilizing the tried and true M-Audio Delta and Pro Tools, or new STATE OF THE ART Presonus StudioLive 16:4:2 Digital Mixer and Abelton Live. Access to many fine mics and all the great software plug-ins make for fine recordings.

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