ENTERING CANADA (Estevan Motor Speedway)  

Going across the border into Canada is not hard if you are prepared at the border crossing. Make sure you have a couple of forms of identification (including driver’s license) and having a copy of your birth certificate (especially for kids) could help. They may ask you for insurance coverage, so make sure your vehicle’s VIN matches your insurance certificate. Animals will need vets certification of shots. Rigs that have a lot of new parts for sale, more than two barrels of fuel and a lot of T-shirts you may have for sale will be asked to pay a tax our Canadian friends call a “Rape & Plunder Tax.” Enough said. 

The border official will ask you if you have any firearms, meat, alcohol, gas or products for sale. They have the authority to seize these items They will also quiz you on what you are going to do in Canada and how long you will stay. They may search your vehicle and they may ask you to step inside to ask further questions. Having the proper identification will avoid a lot, but it appears they search vehicles on a random basis. If you or anyone in your vehicle have ever had a DUI, any type of felony, or any outstanding warrant in the US, they can and most likely will prohibit you from entering. I’ve heard of some that have had a DUI in the past that will get an official passport at home and have still made it in. I wouldn’t rely on that however. I am told this may be the last year that no passports are needed, but political pressure may change that too. 

Many of us go through the border at Portal (24 hour station) in a caravan of trailers and this seems to speed the process up. I have never had to even get out of my vehicle in the 7 years I’ve made the border crossing. Be sober, answer their questions without volunteering information and you will be fine. 


 Most racers go through the Noonan border crossing just south of Estevan when they re-enter the US, as its right on the way to Williston. It closes at 9:00 PM and opens at 9:00 AM. I have had a much tougher time re-entering the US as an US citizen than I have had going into Canada. They will often times ask the same questions and will search vehicles much more often since 9/11. If you made it into Canada you will make it back through the border unless you have a warrant outstanding or are found with illegal contraband. Just give yourself an extra half hour or so in case they have some questions.  


Minot, Mandan and Williston are all on Central Daylight Savings Time. Dickinson is on Mountain DST and Estevan is on Canadian time, both are one hour behind Central time.


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