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It's been a very long time, I know.  I think that I have finally gotten all of life's things under control and back to a place where I can get back to the site.  I probably won't be as active as I was on here in the hayday, but I'm going to give the site a little more attention.  It's going to take some time, but I'm going to give it a very hard try to get it caught up!!  Starting today, I am going through all the scripts and am going to be working on updating the pages with the most current info.  This is going to take me probably a week, so with a little luck, all the pages will be updated by this time next week.

After that, I am going to go through and add the TON of pictures that I have, real and conversions.  This is going to take some time since I have a bunch to do, and will find time to get this done while managing work and family as well.

With a little luck, my goal is to be completely updated by the end of April!

So, for those of you that stuck around, THANK YOU!  I promise that we will get this site back up to my standards that I had 5 years ago.

Make sure to visit the sponsors - without Replicarz and WheelsonScale I would be further behind, but both Mark and Toine have done everything they can to make sure I'm getting the models as they are released (Toine is helping me get caught up on the stuff that hasn't made it to the US)!

So, here we go!  I'm going to work on the computer stuff.  Stay tuned!!


2014 & 2015 are here!

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Thanks to Mark and Replicarz, the 2014 & 2015 bikes arrived yesterday and the pictures are up.  As noted on hte pictures, there is a minor issue and a major one.  The 2014 bike has all the "RCB" logos that would have only appeared that year at Sepang and Motegi.  Not a big deal, but there is a difference between waht was delivered and what the actual 2014 bike was.  I am going to order another to correct this.  Several of the conversions I had hoped to do have been scrapped for now since this bike was delievered with the short exhaust.

The bigger problem comes up with the 2015 bike.  All the "RCB" logos are on this one as well, and in the early part of the season, there was only on that was on the left side of the hugger.  The issue with this bike is that is should be from Motegi or Sepang - BUT, as Sachsenring forward, "Blue Core" replaced all the "Semakin DiDepan" logos on the factory M1s.  As we all know, Sachsenring is before the fly-away races.  I am going to correct this.

The conversions shouldn't take too long to do - in fact, both should be done in less than 10 minutes.  I will have to wait a week for them to be delivered as long as they are still in stock, but I will get the pictures up right away and make notes of the differences.


HUGE Picture Update

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So, as you all are very much aware, I haven't been doing much on the site lately...  But, without any further ado, here is a giant update of pictures!!

Under the TRUE MINICHAMPS tab above, all the way down at HELMETS, you will find the pictures of the 2014 regular, Sepang test, Misano and Mugello of that year, along with the 2015 regular and Misano helmets.  I know the European market has more that have been out for quite some time, but now the pictures are current to what is available in the North American market.

Also, under FIGURES, the 2013 stretching figure has been added.  Thanks to Craig at Private Collections in Australia for this figure!

But the biggest news comes in the CONVERTED MINICHAMPS tab.  I have completed the following 2013 bikes:  the corporate launch version of the M1, the Misano test bike, and bikes as raced at Phillip Island, Sepang, and Valencia.  This is the second biggest collection, by year, of conversions with 9 (2006 has 16...). 

I am going to be very honest - the non-metal versions of the Minichamps® bikes are hard to convert.  The disassembly and decaling isn't difficult, but putting them back together is... When we had the metal versions, they just snapped back together - regluing plastic and getting them to line up is more difficult.  But I do have a system in place now, but I don't know how many full tear down conversions I will have to do since Minichamps® has announced most of the variations in bikes so far.

I do have the 2014 and 2015 bikes incoming thanks to Mark and the staff at Replicarz, so there will be some more conversions to do and post.  I won't make any promises about when those will be done and posted, but I will try to do a better job updating the site. 

Thanks to all for the continued support!!


Update, Update, Update

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Hello everyone!  Finally an update.  Toy Fair was last week and here is a list of the new items announced for the Rossi collection:

398 150096 - 1:8 2015 Misano helmet

398 160046 - 1:8 2016 helmet

398 160076 - 1:8 2016 Sepang Test helmet

398 160086 - 1:8 2016 Mugello helmet

398 160146 - 1:8 2016 Misano helmet

312 160046 - 1:12 2016 Victory Drink figure

312 140046 - 1:12 2014 Checking the earplugs figure

122 143946 - 1:12 2014 Yamaha test bike

122 093946 - 1:12 2008 Yamaha test bike (Jerez)

122 111046 - 1:12 2011 Ducati GP11.1 bike

122 112046 - 1:12 2011 Ducati GP11.2 bike

122 112146 - 1:12 2011 Ducati GP11.2 bike with figure and Marco flag

122 163146 - 1:12 2016 Yamaha Catalunya winner bike

Make sure to check out the LINKS page above and get your pre-orders in with your favorite retailer - even with the lesser quality, they are all bound to go fast!

In other news, four more conversions are going up after this is posted.  My conversions collection has now surpassed the original releases by 1!  And there are still two more that should be finished up this weekend if the supplies arrive!

I am also going to be updating the pages to reflect the new releases mentioned above.  North America is again way behind Europe on items that have been released, and I still have no confirmation on when the US/Canada might get caught up.  The same thing happened a couple of years ago, but eventually we all got back on the same track.  So, that would be why some items that have been released in certain parts of the world still aren't listed on the site.

Finally, a GIANT thanks to Mark at Replicarz for putting up with me with all the pre-order confusion the last two weeks!  I had some things messed up that caused him a great deal of confusion, but he put up with me and we got it all sorted.  In the confusion, I missed out on the 2013 stretching figure...  But, site friend and LINK advertiser Craig at Private Diecast in Australia was able to help me out and get me the figure.  So super great big thanks to Mark and Craig - I can't recommend either business enough!!

So, thanks to everyone for the continued support, even though it's incredibly slow and I'm not here nearly enough.  Please feel free to email me with any questions, concerns or comments at admin@rossiminichamps.com.  That email is answered daily and is a lot easier for me to respond if I'm away from my desktop!

Again, thanks to everyone for everything, without you guys, I'd just be some guy in the middle of nowhere with a big collection!!



GIANT Site update

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OK, so it's been a while...  As I get older, more time gets sucked up by other things!  But I FINALLY made the time to sit down and update the site with a ton of pictures!  You will find all the "newest" 1:8 helmets - 2012, 2012 Misano, 2012 Sepang test, 2013, 2013 Sepang test, and 2013 Valencia test.  These can be found at the bottom of the TRUE MINICHAMPS page linked above, on the HELMETS tab.

As you scoll down towards HELMETS, you might notice I added some pictures of the newest Minichamps® bikes - the 2005 Donington set, the 2007 Jerez and Sepang test Yamahas, the 2010 Laguna Seca set (all of which are the old,good quality metal bodied Minichamps®), the 2012 Ducati and 2012 Ducati test (the latter of which I really like), and the 2013 Yamahas, test and race versions.  I do not like the quality of the new bikes.  I could go on a long list of complaints, but they are mostly the same as you have already discussed without me!  If you haven't checked out the Facebook page yet, look at it and you can see the differences.

The biggest news is the update to the CONVERSIONS page.  Here I added the 2012 Ducati from Assen (which happens to be the same livery used the rest of the season), and three 2013 Yamahas - Barcelona, LeMans, and Mugello.  I was hoping to have at least two more conversions done, but I am still waiting on some things to complete those.  And there are four more 2013s just sitting here waiting to be converted!  I am just waiting to get the correct decals to complete those, but I have no idea when that might be.

The US is still a bit behind on some of the newer items, but Mark and the staff at Replicarz always get me the newest stuff as soon as they have it, usually the same day!  Since this update was quite the undertaking since I was so far behind, I am going to do better keeping up with the items as they arrive!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures.  I will try my best to keep up with the forum, but always feel free to email me directly at admin@rossiminichamps.com since that email gets checked several times a day with my other accounts!  Otherwise, I will post more new items and conversions as they arrive/are completed.

Thanks again to everyone for the continued support, it is greatly appreciated!!!!!


News, finally!!

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rossiminichamps A bunch of new bikes arrived this week. Thanks to Mark and the staff at Replicarz for the amazing service. There are already 3 2013 conversions done, I have two more 2013s broke down and am working on those conversions, and am waiting on some decals to do some others! So, expect to see a massive update to the site in the next week or two!!

Also, if you visit rossiminichamps Facebook page, you can see the quality, or lack thereof, of the new producer. The quality went down with non-removable fairings, which we knew, but some are surprised at how much.

Anyway, back to work! Thanks again for all the support, and a giant WELCOME to the new members, here and on Facebook!!


Welcome to 2016!!!

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Hello everyone!!  It's been a while!

Well, as the 2015 season wrapped up, I really didn't have much to say.  I was pretty disappointed in MotoGP as a whole.  I have some pretty strong opinions on what transpired, but it really doesn't make any difference.  All I will say is I wish VR could have raced for the Championship without any drama (he didn't kick anyone!!  ;) )

So, the Toy Fair is a wrap, so here are the newest announcements. 

398 140056 - 1/8 Qatar Helmet

312 130186 - 2013 Stretching Figure

312 150146 - 2015 Argentina "Maradona shirt" Figure

122 133946 - 2013 Jerez Test Bike

122 133146 - 2013 Assen Bike w/Figure

122 143046 - 2014 Yamaha

122 143146 - 2014 Australia Bike w/Figure

122 153046 - 2015 Yamaha

122 153146 - 2015 Silverstone w/Figure

I will be updating the TRUE MINICHAMPS tab with all the new info this weekend.  I am also going to be doing the pictures of the 1/8 2012 Mugello, and 2013 Mugello and Misano helmets, so look for those as well!  The 2013 Mugello is my favorite so far.  The clear piece on the 2012 + helmets is a nice touch, and the quality looks very good on these.  There were a couple of 1/8's that didn't meet my standards, so these are a welcome addition.

There could be several conversions that come out of the new releases, but I am going to wait and see what actual version some of these are released as.  There were many little variations in 2014, so that will determine which ones I have to do.  I'm still trying to get caught up on the 2015 variants as well.  All I know is that I have 10 2013's preordered...  That's a lot of converting!!!

So, enjoy the weekend and get ready for the Sepang test starting Monday!  See you on the forums/Facebook!



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Sorry it's been a while...

First, I'd like to welcome all the new visitor's and Facebook "Like"rs that have joined our little family since the beginning of the year.  Make sure to hope on the forums and share!  And we should have a lot to talk about, it has been a fantastic year so far!

As for the site, I just completed a massive update.  Under the TRUEMINICHAMPS tab above, and by clicking on HELMETS at the bottom of the page, you will now find the following 1:8 helmets:  2008 Jerez Test & Misano, 2010 Valenica Test, and the 2011 Misano & Mugello.  By clicking on HALF HELMETS, you will find the newest editions to rossiminichamps HQ: 1999 Championship, 2001 Mugello, 2005 Sepang (my personal favorite), 2009 Misano, and the error 2010 Valencia Test.  Also on the TRUEMINICHAMPS page, you will find the pictures of the 2009 Valencia bike/figure combo set.  And if you follow the FIGURES tab at the top of any page, you will find the pictures for the 2011 "Pants" figure.

OK, so now that I am all caught up, I can sit by and wait for the next batch of new stuff.  And don't be a stranger to the site, I won't be either!!


No, I'm Not Dead!!

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OK, so it's been a LONG time since the last update here.  To be honest, I had been quite upset and disappointed with the quality control and supply issues that bogged 2014 down to a practical hault for us.  Leg surgery in August that kept me out of work until the beginning of November, and then a promotion at work, which took up a lot of time.  So, long story short, I'm back!

First off, glad to see that the first test in Sepang was good.  Second, no new announcements from Minichamps® in regards to VR items...  This actually didn't surprise me as they added so much to the VR catalog in the last half of 2014.

As for a site update, four 1/2 scale helmet pictures are coming up.  They are taking, I just have to add the code for two before uploading them.  Hopefully this week.

Thanks to everyone that kept visiting the site, even though there was no activity.  Hopefully we will see some new items this year, and if we ever get bikes, I have a ton of converting to do.  Keep checking in, lets get the forums rolling again, and send me emails or messages if anyone wants.


What a Win!!!! and new Announcements, finally!

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What an amazing home win for VR at Misano!  In reality quite a boring race, but just watching him up front, managing the lead and getting the victory made it the best race of the season for me!!

And, with that great win, Minichamps® announced new 1:8 scale helmets today!  Maybe the supply issues that had plagued our collecting ability are finally sorted.  Here is the list, which should really suprise no one;)

398 090886 - 2009 Winter Test

398 110886 - 2011 Mugello

398 110876 - 2011 Misano

398 120846 - 2012 Helmet

398 120886 - 2012 Mugello

398 120896 - 2012 Misano

398 120876 - 2012 Sepang

398 130876 - 2013 Sepang Test

398 130846 - 2013 Helmet

398 130896 - 2013 Mugello

398 130856 - 2013 Misano

398 130886 - 2013 Valencia Test

The numbers should be correct, but I like to make sure that everyone knows that there may have been a typo somewhere.  Make sure to copy and paste the list and send your pre-orders in.  The best places to shop are on the LINKS page above.

That's all for now, maybe we can have more frequent updates the rest of the year!!


» rossiminichamps 08/19/14 18:43:23  » News

rossiminichamps Well, it has been a while!! I am super excited about the season, with VR being consistent and on the podium!! And to beat MM at Brno was great. Should definitely help with the confidence in the 46 garage!

There has been a string of 1/2 helmets released in Europe, so we should see them here soon and pictures up as soon as hey arrive. Still no info on the supplier issue going on that has slowed down delivery of bikes though...

And on a personal note, I had surgery on my leg today. It was for exertional compartment syndrome on my calf. Most people say "What?" But to explain it best, it is exactly the same condition and surgery that we know in the racing community as "arm pump." The only difference is that it was on my leg, and I won't be doing much with it for a month!! So kudos to the guys that get the surgery done on their arms and race the next weekend!!

That's it for now. Hopefully we will have some new things to share very soon!!

New 1:2 Scale Helmet Pictures Up!

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Just got the pictures of the 1:2 scale 2009 Valencia helmet up.  You can check them out by clicking on the pictures to the right!

While searching for a new company to produce bikes, I hope Minichamps® does the same with the helmets.  This is the second 1:2 scale that I have received that had manufactoring defects.  With the price of these helmets, the end user shouldn't be expected to have to fix issues like the inside lining not matching up to the shell of the helmet!  Granted, they are two minute fixes at most, but just because it is hidden by being in a box is not acceptable in my book. 

New 1:2 scale Helmet

» rossiminichamps 07/12/14 14:12:42  » News


The pictures of the new 1:2 scale helmet are up now - you can click on the pictures to the right to go right to them!

I honestly hope that while Minichamps® looks for a new maker of bikes, they do the same for the 1:2 scale helmets - the quality has reduced dramatically...  This is the second helmet I have gotten that has had some serious manufactoring defects.  Nothing too difficult to fix, but stuff that should be caught in production.  Example: the inside lining doesn't match up with the shell.  A two minute fix, but for the price, things that should be taken care of by someone other then the final purchaser!

New pics up... Finally!

» rossiminichamps 04/30/14 16:47:11  » News

rossiminichamps I finally got the pictures of the 1:2 scale 2009 Winter Test helmet. Otherwise, there is no new news coming out. Now, to just get ready for Jerez, and hopefully it won't be another 93 runaway...

Great 2nd Place Finish

» rossiminichamps 03/25/14 12:03:16  » News

rossiminichamps What a race!! Glad to see VR in such good form early. Now all we need is for this good fortune to continue!!

No new news on the Minichamps front. Just lots of conversions to do between the test bikes, presentation bike and the Qatar race bike... Now if Minichamps would just get caught up

Toy Fair News

» rossiminichamps 01/29/14 18:41:59  » News

rossiminichamps Here are the latest announcements from Toy Fair in Germany, happening as we speak:

312 110146 - 2011 "pulling on pants" figure
312 080186 - 2008 "stretching" figure
122 103346 - 2010 Laguna Seca set

There are also pictures floating around of a 1:2 2005 winter test helmet, although it isn't on the official release list. Also missing is the 2013 Yamaha, but that was previously announced. I am pleased to see new figure designs, but another set of a bike we already have is disappointing. There must be a stockpile of 2010 Launa bikes somewhere

New Pictures Up

» rossiminichamps 01/29/14 18:34:04  » News

rossiminichamps As you may have noticed, I got the newest 1:8 helmet pictures up a couple of days ago. You can find the following under the TRUE MINICHAMPS tab above, on the bottom of the page:

1999 Mugello
2008 Motegi
2009 Misano
2010 Misano

I like all these helmets a great deal, the Misano helmets are always some of my favorites. Thanks again to Mark and the staff at Replicarz for the outstanding service!!!

First Delivery of 2014

» rossiminichamps 01/17/14 16:23:00  » News

rossiminichamps Incoming next week -
1:18 2011 Monza Rally Ford
1:8 1999 Mugello helmet
1:8 2008 Motegi helmet
1:8 2009 Misano helmet
1:8 2010 Misano helmet

Pictures coming up next weekend!! Thanks to Replicarz for the outstanding service!!!!!!

2014 Starts off with a blast!!

» rossiminichamps 01/07/14 15:48:45  » News

rossiminichamps Minichamps is coming out of the gates running in 2014 with VR helmets!! Here is what's due:
Jan. 20th -
1/2 2005 Valencia helmet
1/8 2008 Mugello helmet
1/8 2011 Qatar helmet

Feb. 3rd -
1/2 2008 helmet
1/8 2011 Valencia helmet

Feb. 10th -
1/2 2009 Sepang winter test helmet

Going to be an expensive couple of weeks!! And don't forget, we have the Toy Fair the end of the month (along with our first test if the year!!). Make sure to get your orders in to the dealers on the LINKS page, and help support those that support us!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

» rossiminichamps 12/24/13 07:47:20  » News

rossiminichamps No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, everyone at rossiminichamps.com hopes that it is a joyous time for you all!!

So, take care everyone and be sure to make at least one memory that will last a lifetime!!


New Pictures Up!!!

» rossiminichamps 12/12/13 17:42:17  » News

rossiminichamps Finally got the new pictures up - the 2000 and 2001 Suzuka figures, 2010 Sepang figure and the 2001 and 2008 1/8 Mugello helmets. Thank again to Mark and the staff at Replicarz for the outstanding service!!!

November Realeases

» rossiminichamps 11/01/13 09:37:23  » News

rossiminichamps Before the year end December push, November 11th will see the release of the 1/8 2008 Mugello helmet. The next week, the 1/2 version will be released (for those that don't have it already

Welcome Mac's Modeling!!!

» rossiminichamps 10/19/13 15:40:03  » News

rossiminichamps I'm happy to announce that Mac's Modeling has been added to the LINKS tab above. Ian has been my secret weapon on supplies and advice and without him, many of the conversions on this site would not have been possible!!! He has outstanding customer service and is about the nicest, most personable guy I know in the modeling side of the business.. I'm glad to call him a friend as we'll!!

So, if any type of modeling or converting is your thing, head over to www.macsmodeling.com and check out what he has to offer, which is about everything!! You will not be disappointed, and make sure to tell him I sent you!!!

Scheduled Releases for Oct/Nov

» rossiminichamps 10/04/13 14:35:34  » News

rossiminichamps Due in the next couple of weeks is the 2009 Valencia figure with sign and the 2000 Suzuka figure.

In November, we will get the 1/8 2001 Mugello helmet, the 1/2 2009 Valencia "Chicken" helmet, the 2009 Valencia figure/bike set, and finally the 2001 Suzuka figure!!

It's a good thing that our wallets were allowed to refill over the summer!!

New Pictures Up!!!

» rossiminichamps 10/02/13 19:30:30  » News

rossiminichamps I just posted the pictures of the 2009 Motegi Grid figure and the 2008 1/2 Mugello "Faces" helmet. You can see all the pics by clicking on them to the right!! Thanks to Mark and the fantastic staff at Replicarz for the amazing service - the really spoil me!!!


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